Making Wellness A Prerequiste For Your Hustle


Hey! I'm Danie, I Help High Achieving Women Transform Their Toxic Hustles Into Harmonious Hustle By Putting Wellness First. Are You Ready For Your Glow Up?


Begin Your Self Care Journey Today With These FREE Resources

Power Of You Course

This is a 3 week course that teaches you how to use affirmations to harness your power. You will receive a workbook, audios, & more to help you ditch limiting beliefs and stand in your power.


Check In

What is your body telling you? This worksheet will allow you to see if you're running on autopilot or not. You will learn how to do scan your body and hone in on what it's telling you. 

Unpack Your Shit Challenge

We all have baggage, whether you want to admit it or not. Carrying it around only weighs you down. In this 3 day challenge, you will begin to unpack your shit and empower yourself!


You do not have to neglect yourself to level up!

This includes but is not limited to:

Not sleeping
Skipping meals
Using coffee to go harder
Running on autopilot
Not taking days off
Pushing through when you really need a mental break
Showing up when your body says HELL NO

All of these things are toxic AF and do more harm then good. If you want to REALLY level up, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Mind, Body, & Spirit.