The Greatest Lesson I've Learned

If you're struggling with where you are in life. I want you to think about this message and then I want you to fill yourself with gratitude for all of what you have and what you've accomplish. You have the power to shift your perspective, do it now.

The Disappointment Of Expectations

I do not abide by this agreement of expectations any longer. I abide by the agreement of intentions and living up to my highest potential. By living this way, I have freed myself by infusing harmony and grace into my life which allows me to rise and fall without shame, guilt or blame.

You Are Powerful Girl

There's nothing that this world can say or do that I will not overcome. My scars are deeper than what's seen on the surface. Each day, I am reclaiming the beauty in this body, mind, and spirit. It's not as easy living in this world. A world that refutes your beauty and ha designed every aspect of your daily life to shrink you. From everything you see on the television to social media.

5 Myths About Self Care

Self care has become a buzzword and like most buzzwords the true meaning of it gets lost. Everywhere you look you can find someone talking about self care and telling you how important it is to practice it. There's even a hashtag to get you to dedicate time every week, #SelfcareSunday, anyone? There are so many myths about what self care is so i decided to play a quick game of myth busters and set the record straight.