You Are Powerful Girl

You Are Powerful Girl

As I get into the groove of things and really start to hone in on who I am and who I want to become. My insecurities are amplified. Sometimes they're so loud I can't seem to change the conversation. So I succumb to them, this causes my anxiety to show up in the worst way.

Confidence off, prove your self-worth on.

It is something I've dealt with for as long as I can remember. We live in a really fucked up world, dominated by patriarchal society. So, much of what we know and who we were told to be was set in place before we were even thought about.

The truth of it all is that:

Being a woman is hard AF.

Being a mom is hard AF.

Being a wife is hard AF.

Being an creator is hard AF.

Being an entrepreneur is hard AF.

I wear all of these hats and then some; to maintain a strong sense of self worth and self confidence is a task in itself. Women are demonized for every little thing. Ideals of perfection are thrust upon us at an early age. Some of us do our best to combat them while others are overcome with grief because they'll never meet them. Pretty, thin, sexy, are social constructs set forth to divide, demean, and disrupt sisterhood.

So many women spend their time tearing down other women, that they don't have time to celebrate them.

I was guilty of this shit but slowly I woke up. 

Judging a woman based on her lack of style, how she wears her hair, or her unique features is to one's own detriment. I didn't realize when I was doing this that I was again amplifying my own insecurities. So I began to ask myself, how could I amplify my insecurities in a way that would prove auspicious?

Basically, If you want to disrupt societal norms you have to expand you consciousness, you have to go into the spaces that are uncomfortable and sit there. You have to talk about those ugly truths but most of all you have to give a voice to repressed.

How can we give a voice to those who are too afraid to speak? 

We share our truths. We stand in our Power. We speak even if our voice shakes. There's power in sisterhood. 

tanja-heffner-300859 (1).jpg

To all my sisters not ready to stand up,

I know that you're hurting. You feel boxed in and less then because this world told you that you weren't enough. This world told me the same thing and to add insult to injury this world told me because my skin has melanin I am even more undeserving than my fairer skin sisters. Ain't that some shit?! Do you want to know what I think of that? I think that the world is scared of what I have to offer. I think they're afraid that the depth of my beauty is impenetrable.

They're right! The pain that I've endured has given me the fortitude to overcome ANYTHING.

Do you know what that means? It means that I'm unfuckwitable.

There's nothing that this world can say or do that I will not overcome. My scars are deeper than what's seen on the surface. Each day, I am reclaiming the beauty in this body, mind, and spirit. It's not as easy living in this world. A world that refutes your beauty and ha designed every aspect of your daily life to shrink you. From everything you see on the television to social media.

Remember: You are beautiful and that shit ain't REAL!

The key to rebelling against the patriarchy is building each other up. Holding my sisters hand. Singing my sisters praises. You can do it too! Take my hand, let's take back our POWER one day at a time together.

This is why I do what I do.

This is why wellness is my PRIORITY and I want it to be your PRIORITY as well. I am NOT my sister's keeper, I am my sister. We need to heal ourselves so that we can build together and change this fuck up world we live in. Then and only them will we effect GREAT change.


Will you stand with me?



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